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194 Old Scott Road, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2L6 Under Offer


The Beach House

The epitome of classic coastal design on an heirloom oceanfront acreage with premium exposures and boat dock...

266 Little Mountain Road, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2L5 $3,985,000


Exemplary Oceanfront Estate

A modern day mansion on a ridge of prestigious peers, this 5 acre oceanfront setting is unlike any other...

2902 Southey Point Road, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1A2 Under Offer


Alegria ~ 10 Acre Low Bank Oceanfront Oasis

A winding drive through an ancient forest leads to a sunny oceanfront setting where architecture and nature cohabit...

459 Anna's Drive, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2W9 $3,685,000


459 Anna's Drive

With colossal views and bespoke architecture in mind, this unrivalled mountaintop estate trips the light fantastic...

197 Pringle Farm Road, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2Y2 $2,895,000


Pringle Farm Estate

An elegant 10 acre country estate with an array of lifestyle appointments...

805 Vesuvius Bay Road, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1L6 $2,295,000


A Chic Beach House Rich In History

Two acres and front row oceanfront in the heart of Vesuvius village...

1041 Sunset Drive, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1E6 $1,798,500


Upscale Country Lifestyle on Sunset Drive

Absolutely stunning country home and cottage on Sunset Drive steps from the beach and positioned alongside miles of hiking trails...

145 Alexander Boulevard, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2H8 Under Offer


Luxe Loft In a Pristine 10 Acre Rural Landscape

An idyllic 10 acre modern homestead with luxurious 'loft-like" farmhouse suited to stylish rural living with expansion in mind...

296 Woodland Drive, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1J6 Under Offer


Garden Party in Vesuvius

Greenthumbs will appreciate the maturity and serenity at this charismatic home and garden in popular Vesuvius...

118 Woodhall Place, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2W8 $965,000


Meticulous Mid-Century Modern Appeal

Design saavy nesters will adore the cool vibe at this spotless home on a quiet cut-de-sac in Ganges...

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